Traditional Yang Style Taiji

Lessons are conducted in English for better understanding by non-Chinese speaking members but technique and terms are mentioned in Chinese in their original forms for authenticity.

Yang Style Taiji originated from Master Yang Cheng Pu

Taiji Quan Long 85 Forms
Taiji Quan Short 42 Forms : (by Master Cui Li Zhi, disciple of Master Yang Cheng Pu)
Taiji Jian 51 Forms
Taiji Sabre (dao) 13 Forms
Taiji Cudgel 13 Forms : (by Master Cui Li Zhi)
Taiji Spear 13 Forms : (by Master Cui Li Zhi)
Taiji Fan 36 Forms : (by Master Yang Li)

Wudang Traditional Taiji

Wudang Zhang Sanfeng Taiji 13 Forms
Wudang Taiji 28 Forms
Wudang Taiji Sword
Wudang Taihe Taiji


Other Taiji Routines

Taiji 36 Palms
Taiji Lainhuan Fan
Taiji Chuanlin Jian
Taiji Gongfu Fan


Lesson Venue

Private Classes

- The Singapore Island Country Club
- Botanic Gardens
- Kovan Melody Condominuim
- Private Residency

General Public

- Alkaff Oasis @ Alkaff Crescent
Every Sunday Morning from 8.30 am to 10.00 am


Ms. Quek Keng Hwang, NROC Taiji Coach @ 91140416
Email :