2019 - Vipasanna Meditation at Johor Saleng Eco Farm Centre

My gratitude to my Yoga Teacher, Mr. Gan Kian Ong for introducing me to this Meditation.

The Vipassana Meditation is a 10-day course for new students.  You live the 10 days’ life of a recluse and practice meditation for about 9 hours a day.  For beginners like me the first few days are very daunting and frustrating. You are taught the technique of this meditation and only on my 4th day that I am able to calm my mind and practice stillness albeit with some discomfort.  On my 6th day that I am able to sit still for a solid hour with calmness.  Back home I continue to deligently  practise meditation for 2 hours a day.  It is a rewarding experience.

You may visit their website at www.dhamma.org for more information.