I am an accredited Taiji instructor registered with the Singapore National Wushu Federation and
Singapore Sports Council's National Registry of Coaches.

Begin with an interest. Passionate on the journey.

My Portfolio of The Traditional Yang Style Taiji:
  • Simplified 24 Forms Taiji Quan
  • Yang Style Taiji Cudgel 13 Forms
  • Yang Style Taiji Spear 13 Forms
  • Yang Taiji Fan 36 Forms
  • Yang Style Taiji Quan Short 42 Forms
  • Yang Style Taiji Quan Long 85 Forms
  • Yang Style Taiji Sword Long 51 Forms
  • Yang Style Taiji Broadsword Long 76 Forms
  • Zhang Sanfeng Taiji 13 Forms
  • Wudang Taiji 28 Forms
  • Wudang Taiji Sword
  • Wudang Taihe Taiji
  • Taiji 36 Palms
  • Taiji Lainhuan Fan
  • Taiji Chuanlin Jian
  • Taiji Gongfu Fan



Taiji at Alkaff Oasis @ Alkaff Crescent
Learn taiji at your pace and ability

Lesson on every Sunday morning from 8.30am to 10.00am


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